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I am a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University, advised by Matei Ciocarlie. I work in the Robotic Manipulation and Mobility (ROAM) Lab, where I build robotic exoskeletons for assisting and rehabilitating hand dexterity after upper-limb impairment. I study electromechanical design of robotic exoskeletons, human motor coordination and adaptation during robotic assistance, physical human-robot interaction and biofeedback, and robotics accessibility and user-centered design for clinicians and impaired users. I am an NIH F31 Fellow, supported by a Ruth L. Kirchstein National Research Service Award.

Before joining Columbia, I was a research assistant at Harvard University and worked with Paul Shamble to study spider jumping and locomotion. I received my Bachelors at MIT in Mechanical Engineering, where I worked with Hugh Herr and Arthur Petron. I also interned at Dephy, Apple, and Formlabs.

Currently, I have the pleasure to work with the following Columbia MS and undergraduate students: Connor Lee, Grace Munger, Akshay Venkatesan, Matheu Campbell, Shiyao Marcus Lam.

See a list of students that I have mentored in the past: (+) See a list of students that I have mentored in the past: (-)
Alexandra Deli-Ivanov
Columbia MechE Ugrad, next: Mech. Design Engineer at SpaceX
Joaquin Palacios
Columbia MechE Ugrad / Robotics MS, next: MechE PhD at Columbia (our lab!)
Pedro La Rotta
Columbia Robotics MS
Katherine O'Reilly
Columbia MechE Ugrad, next: MechE MS at UIUC
Carolyn David
Columbia Biomed MS
Preethika Chivikula
Columbia Biomed MS, next: Quality Engineer at BD Biosciences
Ciara Little
Columbia MechE Ugrad, next: Env/Water Eng. PhD at UMass Amherst
Katelyn G. Mitchell
Columbia MechE Ugrad, next: Mech. Design Engineer at ASML

See my CV for a longer list.

Latest news: [2024/07] I will be attending RSS as part of the 2024 RSS Pioneers cohort!